Kogane (Organic) – Bonsai Cha
Kogane (Organic) - Bonsai Cha
Kogane (Organic) - Bonsai Cha
Kogane (Organic) - Bonsai Cha

Kogane (Organic)

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One of the finest offerings from the prestige area of Uji, Kyoto, Kogane has to be the best organic matcha on the market. Achieve a state of calm focus and with every sip and find your own balance, peace and harmony. Soft, sweet and smooth, this matcha powder is incredibly approachable and it easily everyone’s favourite.

Matcha Profile

Kogane matcha powder is single cultivar, single estate matcha made from the finest first harvest leaves of the Yabukita cultivar. The Yabukita cultivar is characterized by a wonderfully smooth and well-rounded mouthfeel. It is gentle on the palate and typically offers flavours of steamed greens, butter, nuts, umami and floral notes with little astringency. Higher quality Yabukita matcha powders tend to be more elegant and offer well-balanced, sweet umami flavours. Although high quality organic matcha powder is challenging to find in Japan, this matcha powder has been expertly crafted to bring out the best qualities of the Yabukita tea leaves. These tea leaves have been shaded for 21 days, providing the optimal production of L-theanine to balance flavours and sweetness, then carefully hand-selected and stone ground by our tea master to create a top quality organic matcha made exclusively for Bonsai Cha.

Tasting Notes

From the moment you open the can, Kogane is a bright green and has an incredibly fine texture which is smooth between your fingers. The smell is intoxicating with sweet aromas of vanilla, brioche and floral notes. This matcha powder is an easy-drinking, incredibly approachable matcha for any occasion. On the palate, this matcha offers rich and creamy notes of butter, steamed greens, and umami flavours, with lingering hints of chamomile and a smooth and sweet finish.

Superior Ceremonial
Uji, Kyoto
Harvest 1st Flush
Servings  15-30 (30 grams)

Certified Organic

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