Top quality matcha offers various taste profiles from bright and grassy to deep, rich and creamy with spinach and umami notes. Terroir has an influence on the quality and taste as climate, soil and topography contribute to the various taste profiles one can experience when indulging in a cup of matcha. Selecting a high quality matcha makes a difference. Captivating sweet, vegetal aromas and a rich and creamy mouthfeel bursting with umami flavour are some of the characteristics that differentiate a high quality matcha with lower grade ones. With a high grade matcha, you will also notice subtle undertones and complexities with delicate notes like cocoa, toasted rice and chamomile.

An example of exceptional matcha is Hoku.
If you're new to matcha, we would recommend Kogane (Organic). Balanced, smooth and sweet, it is the best tasting organic matcha on the market.

We recommend using the Bonsai Cha Matcha Maker for a perfect cup every time. 
Simply add 1/2 tsp. of your favourite Bonsai Cha matcha, blend and serve. It is recommended to enjoy ceremonial matcha on its own.
Ceremonial grade matcha is designated for tea that meets the standards to be used in tea ceremonies and Buddhist temples. These teas only use first harvest leaves and great care is taken during the production process. Ceremonial grade matcha can vary significantly depending on the producer and where it is grown. Some ceremonial matcha will still exhibit bitterness or dull flavours. The best ceremonial matcha will have integrated flavours and a rich and creamy texture. Bonsai Cha only selects the top grade leaves to be used in its Superior Ceremonial matcha and is the top of its class.
We only source top grade matcha, which is difficult to source and is produced in limited quantities. We pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality matcha where you can taste the difference. When you break it down to the cost per serving, it is less than what you would pay for a latte at your favourite coffee house and is a much healthier option.
Yes. Quality matters as it defines purity and taste. High quality matcha provides the smoothest, creamiest matcha bursting with umami flavour and offers a diverse flavour profile. It does not have the bitterness like its lower grade counterparts.

A high quality matcha is also important to reap the greatest health benefits - it is similar to the quality of the fresh produce or vitamins you purchase. Lower grade matcha may contain fillers, pollutants and heavy metals. Bonsai Cha’s Superior Ceremonial matcha is 100% pure matcha from Japan and ensures you are getting all the intended health benefits in its purest form.
Matcha and hojicha are made from the same tea leaves. However, matcha leaves are  steamed, cooled and dried, whereas hojicha leaves are roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal at a high temperature. The result is a warm and inviting flavour with notes of wood, coffee and spice. Hojicha also has less caffeiene than matcha.

Try Koyo as another addition to your matcha routine.
We recommend using a 1/2 tsp. of matcha per prepared serving or to your desired taste.
Matcha is a powdered green tea derived from the tea plant Camellia Sinesis which is grown all over the world. However it is worth noting that the best quality matcha comes from Japan.
We work closely with a variety of establishments across Japan to source top quality matcha that achieves the standards for Bonsai Cha Matcha. Our matcha is typically sourced from Uji and Fukuoka.
Matcha has about 70 mg of caffeine, which is the equivalent to a shot of espresso. However, matcha provides clean and focused energy without the jitters you typically experience with coffee. If you are sensitive to caffeine, it is recommended to accompany your matcha with a light snack.
All of the establishments we work with ensure that regular testing of soil, air and water are conducted to meet the stipulated requirements.
Matcha is very delicate and should be stored in a cool, dry place away from light and heat. We recommend refrigerating matcha to preserve quality and freshness and to prevent oxidation. Freezing is also an option.
After opening, matcha is best consumed after 1-3 months.
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