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BONSAI CHA was founded by a mother/daughter team, Donna and Avery. In 2017, Avery's profession gave her the opportunity to relocate to Japan. During their travels across Japan, they discovered a tea house that forever changed their view on Japanese tea. From their first sip of matcha, they knew it was something special.

After returning home to Canada, Donna knew she had to find a way to bring these amazing teas back home - but there was only one problem. The traditional method of preparing matcha was messy, time-consuming and required attention to detail - trying to heat the water to the perfect temperature, getting the quantity of matcha right... and attempting to master the whisking technique never provided the same results.

So they decided to create their own take on matcha with the Bonsai Cha Matcha Maker - and make matcha accessible to the modern world. With their new idea and Avery located overseas, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Being close to the source in Japan, they could be in two places at once.

From there, Bonsai Cha was born!

We hope you enjoy all of the health benefits of matcha just as much as we do.
The modern way.

our mission


And we want to share our passion with you. That's why we've made Bonsai Cha for modern people. We're committed to sourcing the highest quality teas from family-run farms across Japan and making them accessible to everyone with our innovative Bonsai Cha matcha maker.

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