Aoyama – Bonsai Cha
Aoyama - Bonsai Cha
Aoyama - Bonsai Cha
Aoyama - Bonsai Cha


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Aoyama is another top-quality offering from our highly skilled tea artisans in Uji, Kyoto and one of our favourite additions to the Bonsai Cha collection. Aoyama is a beautifully complex yet elegant matcha powder that offers a symphony of aromas and flavours that are delicately intertwined to create an exceptional matcha experience. Take a break with Aoyama to ignite your creative spark and get inspired.

Matcha Profile

Aoyama matcha powder is made from carefully selected first harvest leaves of the Okumidori cultivar. The Okumidori cultivar is characterized by a vivid, bright green colour and produces exceptional matcha with fine, cloud-like, foam. Okumidori is considered a rare cultivar and tends to be favoured for higher quality matcha powders due to its high amino acid and chlorophyll content which enhances umami flavour. This cultivar typically offers a refreshing fragrance that is sweet and buttery, similar to baked biscuits or wafers, along with notes of chocolate and grass. On the palate, it is smooth, round and mellow with low astringency. Okumidori leaves are harvested later than other cultivars, giving it the name “Okumidori” – “okute” in Japanese means late, and “midori” translates into “green”. Bonsai Cha’s Aoyama Okumidori matcha powder has been expertly crafted by our award-winning tea master in Kyoto, who has carefully hand-selected the leaves for this stunning matcha powder.

Tasting Notes

Aoyama is a fine, vibrant green matcha powder with a refreshing fragrance, offering inviting notes of spinach, fresh cocoa and wheatgrass. On the palate, it is complex yet smooth and elegant, offering a symphony of earthy notes, balanced with steamed greens, hints of dandelion, oceanic qualities, and umami flavours. The finish is slightly sweet and lingering leaving more to be desired from this beautifully crafted matcha. 

Superior Ceremonial
Uji, Kyoto
Harvest 1st Flush
Servings  15-30 (30 grams)

Harvest: 1st Harvest

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