Rin – Bonsai Cha
Rin - Bonsai Cha
Rin - Bonsai Cha
Rin - Bonsai Cha


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If Kyoto is old world matcha, then new world matcha is Fukuoka. A juxtaposition to traditional Uji style, Rin is a strong but elegant matcha offering a unique, toasted flavour profile. Achieve a Zen-like state with a matcha powder that fuels you through all of life’s adventures.

Matcha Profile

Rin matcha powder is an enticing blend of Yabukita, Okumidori, Saemidori and Tsuyuhikari cultivars. The Yabukita cultivar provides wonderfully smooth and well-rounded mouthfeel while the Saemidori cultivar offers sweet and savory notes, providing depth and structure to this matcha blend. The Okumidori and Tsuyuhikari cultivars provide a refreshing aspect to this matcha powder, with Okumidori’s high concentration of amino acids providing pronounced umami flavour. The blend of these four cultivars provide a strong yet elegant and balanced matcha powder with low astringency and a smooth, round mouthfeel. The tea leaves have been shaded for a period of three weeks and are hand-selected and stone ground by our tea master, then skillfully blended to enhance the best qualities of each cultivar and produce a well-rounded matcha powder with layered flavours.

Tasting Notes

Bright green with a fine texture, Rin offers an inviting blend of toasted notes, including grass, caramel, sesame and toasted grains. This matcha is deep and rich with a round mouthfeel and exhibits notes of roasted rice and earthy characteristics. The finish is balanced with a slight astringency that lingers long after the last drop has been savoured.


Superior Ceremonial
Harvest 1st Flush
Servings  15-30 (30 grams)

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