Bonsai Cha Matcha Maker

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Matcha preparation has been modernized with the press of a button. Sleek and sophisticated, the Bonsai Cha Matcha Maker is a class of its own and delivers a consistently rich and creamy cup of matcha every time. Enjoy all of the health benefits of matcha at home, at work, or enjoy matcha anytime, anywhere with the Bonsai Cha Matcha Maker.

The Best Way to Prepare Matcha

The Bonsai Cha Matcha Maker is the best way to prepare your matcha green tea and makes matcha preparation incredibly easy. 

It's simple.
1. Add your water.
2. Add your favourite Bonsai Cha ceremonial grade matcha powder.
3. Press a button.
4. Pour and enjoy!

Ditch the Matcha Whisk and Chasen.

The Bonsai Cha Matcha maker makes it easy to enjoy matcha green tea without the hassle of purchasing several tools or perfecting your matcha whisking technique. No more worrying about cleaning your matcha whisk and dealing with the hassle of cleaning up after preparing your matcha. Simply wipe the matcha maker with a damp cloth after use and store for future use. 

Bonsai Cha Matcha Maker Features

✔️ Matcha is ready in 90 seconds.
✔️ No waiting for the water to boil. Your matcha is heated to an optimal temperature of 65 degrees (C).
✔️ No more measuring. Simply add water to the line indicated within the matcha maker.
✔️ Perfect matcha foam that even experienced matcha connoisseurs will envy.
✔️ Easy to clean. Simply wipe your matcha maker with a damp cloth after use.
✔️ Hot/cold settings for hot and iced matcha beverages.
✔️ Automatic shut-off feature.

✔️ A perfect cup of matcha green tea. Every. Single. Time.
✔️ Makes the best matcha lattes.

Want the Perfect Matcha Latte?

The Bonsai Cha matcha maker makes the best matcha green tea latte with perfect foam. For best results, we recommend adding your favourite Bonsai Cha ceremonial grade matcha powder with a little bit of water to evenly blend the matcha powder, then add your favourite milk or milk substitute and blend again for a perfectly rich and creamy matcha latte.

Don't forget to share your matcha latte recipes with #mybonsaicha!

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