Matcha Harmony Set

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Matcha Harmony Set

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For the perfect fusion of daily wellness and luxury, we've curated the Bonsai Cha Matcha Harmony Set, complete with our Pure Premium Japanese Matcha, indulgent Special Selection Ceremonial Grade Matcha and innovative Bonsai Cha Chasen. Immerse yourself in your daily matcha ritual, where every sip brings you a sense of calm and allows you to harmonize with the rhythms of daily life.

  • premium japanese matcha

    Pure Premium Japanese Matcha

    Packed with natural anti-oxidants and calming L-theanine, is the easiest way to reach your ultimate state of Zen.

  • Bonsai Cha Chasen

    The Chasen simplifies your matcha ritual with the press of a button, crafting a perfect cup of matcha for your own matcha moment.

  • pure ceremonial grade japanese matcha

    Special Selection Matcha

    The epitome of authentic matcha excellence, designed for those who seek a luxurious and intentional break from the day.

How to Make Matcha

  • Add water

    Add water to the line inside the Chasen.

  • Add Matcha

    Add 1 scoop of your favorite Bonsai Cha matcha.

  • Press a button

    Press the button to mix your matcha.

  • Pour and enjoy

    Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy your own matcha moment.