Matcha Duo Pack Bonsai Cha

Bonsai Cha Double Matcha Set

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Can't decide which Bonsai Cha matcha to get? Get both with our Double Matcha Set and experience the perfect pairing for moments of wellness and luxury.

Whether you prefer the smooth umami richness and bright astringency of Pure Premium Japanese Matcha or the profound, grounding ritual of Special Selection Ceremonial Grade Matcha, both are crafted to elevate your experience.

Each sip invites you to indulge in a luxurious break from the day, ensuring that every matcha moment becomes a cherished part of your daily wellness routine. With the Double Matcha Set, you can effortlessly enjoy the best of both worlds, enhancing your well-being with every cup.

Double Matcha Set Includes:

1 - Bonsai Cha Pure Premium Japanese Matcha Green Tea (33g)
1 - Bonsai Cha Special Selection Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea (33g)

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