Zen Ritual Matcha Kit by Bonsai Cha

Zen Ritual Matcha Kit

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Discover tranquility and elevate your daily ritual with the Zen Ritual Matcha Kit from Bonsai Cha. This premium matcha kit includes everything you need to create your perfect Zen moment. Designed to enhance your matcha preparation with ease, Bonsai Cha combines tradition with modern convenience to ensure each matcha moment is memorable.

Perfect for both beginners and seasoned matcha enthusiasts, this matcha kit makes it easy to enjoy the rich, vibrant flavors and benefits of matcha and bring you moments of mindfulness and wellness. Indulge in the ultimate matcha tea ritual and embrace a lifestyle of serenity and well-being with Bonsai Cha. All you need for a mindful and comforting break in your day.

Zen Ritual Matcha Kit Includes:

  • Chasen (Matcha Maker)
  • Bonsai Cha Special Selection Matcha (33g)
  • FREE Bonsai Cha Pure Premium Matcha (33g)
  • FREE Bonsai Cha Spoon
  • FREE Hype Vegan White Chocolate Bar

* Limited to first-time customers only

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