Bonsai Cha Special Selection Matcha (1 lb)

Bonsai Cha Special Selection Matcha (1 lb)

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Can't get enough matcha? Buy Bonsai Cha in bulk!

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Cafes, restaurants, boutique establishments. Superior quality first harvest leaves for a premium matcha experience.

1 lb (454) gram aluminum stand bag.

Bonsai Cha Ceremonial Grade Special Selection Japanese Matcha  is made from select, first harvest Okumidori green tea leaves, shaded for 14 days and freshly ground by our award-winning tea master in Kyoto, Japan. This top quality ceremonial grade Japanese matcha offers a full flavor profile and a smooth texture to elevate your matcha experience.

Matcha Profile: Complex yet elegant with notes of wafer, greens and cocoa. Rich and smooth with balanced astringency and umami flavors. Perfect its own, or blend with your favorite milk for an ultra-premium matcha latte.