Hype Vegan Matcha White Chocolate Bar

Hype Vegan Matcha White Chocolate Bar

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Enter a realm of tranquil energy with our Vegan Matcha White Chocolate Bar; where the essence of Okahai nootropics blend seamlessly with the serene notes of Bonsai Cha premium matcha, enveloped by the luscious texture of Callebaut chocolate. Each bite embodies the gentle energy of Kyoto Matcha, complemented by the adaptogenic qualities of Reishi mushroom and the natural strength of hemp, all finished with a refreshing touch of mint. Ideal for moments of relaxation or as part of your wellness routine, this vegan matcha white chocolate bar invites you to indulge in its harmonious flavors and functional benefits, offering a blissfully mindful experience.




    Bolsters immune function, energy, reduces stress, and promotes restful sleep.


    Bursting with antioxidants, elevates mood, and sustains focus without the crash.

  • HEMP

    Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, supporting heart health and cognitive function.

  • MINT

    Soothes digestion, relieves headaches, and enhances mental clarity and vitality.