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Embark on a journey of refined taste with Bonsai Cha Tea Master's Selection Set. This exquisite set pairs our Special Selection Ceremonial Grade Matcha with the innovative Bonsai Cha Chasen, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Special Selection Ceremonial Grade Matcha:
Elevate your tea experience with our Special Selection Ceremonial Grade Matcha. Sourced from the esteemed tea fields of Kyoto, this matcha is a testament to the art of Japanese tea making. Its delicate balance of sweetness and vegetal notes, coupled with a smooth, velvety texture, makes every sip a luxurious indulgence. Ideal for those special moments of tranquility, this matcha is a celebration of purity and elegance.

The Bonsai Cha Chasen:
Simplify your matcha preparation with the Bonsai Cha Chasen. This state-of-the-art device effortlessly whisks your matcha to perfection in just 90 seconds. Experience the perfect blend of temperature and consistency, bringing the art of the tea ceremony into your daily routine with ease and sophistication.

The Tea Master's Selection Set is more than just a matcha kit; it's a gateway to a world of serene luxury and wellness. Whether indulging in a ceremonial matcha ritual or incorporating matcha into your daily wellness practice, this set is your companion in creating moments of peace and rejuvenation.

How to Use the Bonsai Cha Tea Master's Selection Set:

  1. Prepare Your Matcha: Measure 1 scoop of the Special Selection Ceremonial Grade Matcha into the Chasen.
  2. Add Water: Pour water up to the line marked inside the Chasen.
  3. Whisk to Perfection: Press the button on the Chasen and watch as it whisks your matcha evenly, creating a frothy, smooth blend.
  4. Enjoy Your Creation: Pour your perfectly whisked matcha into your favorite cup and savor the exquisite flavor and calming energy.

Set Contents:

  • Special Selection Ceremonial Grade Matcha (33 grams)
  • Bonsai Cha Chasen – Your pathway to masterful matcha preparation and an elevated tea experience.

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