Wholesale Matcha: Premium Culinary Matcha Powder (1 lb)

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Bonsai Cha Premium Culinary Matcha Powder is made from select Japanese tea leaves, freshly ground by our award-winning tea master in Kyoto, Japan. This top-quality culinary matcha powder offers a full flavor profile that elevates any culinary creation, making it a favorite among cafe owners or establishments searching for the best culinary wholesale matcha.

Sourced directly from Kyoto, our culinary matcha powder uses premium second harvest leaves, ensuring high quality and robust flavor. Its versatility shines in a variety of applications, from confectionaries and pastries to lattes and smoothies. Whether you’re creating matcha-infused desserts or rich, vibrant beverages, Bonsai Cha Premium Culinary Matcha Powder provides the perfect balance of taste and quality.


Ideal for cafes and culinary professionals, this wholesale matcha brings a touch of authenticity and excellence to your offerings. Elevate your menu with the unmatched flavor and quality of Bonsai Cha Premium Culinary Matcha Powder, and delight your customers with each matcha creation.

Wholesale Matcha: Premium Culinary Matcha

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1 lb (454) gram aluminum stand bag.

100% authentic Japanese Matcha.

wholesale matcha Sourced Direct from Japan

Wholesale matcha straight from the source.

All of our matcha is sourced directly from Japan, where we partner with family-run establishments that have been perfecting the art of matcha for generations.

Our close collaboration ensures that our matcha is of the highest quality, reflecting centuries of tradition and expertise.

matcha green tea powder

high quality bulk matcha powder

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Experience the unparalleled quality of our matcha: we select only the finest leaves, shaded for 14 days, then stone-ground with precision.

Crafted by one of Japan's top tea masters to ensure you're getting the best matcha in Japan.

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