When Matcha Goes Bad…

When Matcha Goes Bad…

You’ve left your matcha on the counter. Should be ok, right?


But after a few weeks later you notice your matcha has lost its mojo.

It’s not as bright and green as before – the vibrant green has been replaced with a dull, brownish hue.

It doesn’t have that fresh, intoxicating, aroma – it smells slightly fishy or like straw.

You also notice the taste is off – it doesn’t taste as sweet, the taste profile is one dimensional and flavours have been muted.

Yep, it looks like your matcha has gone bad.

But how?

The reality is, matcha is very delicate and should be handled with care. Exposure to light, oxygen and heat will damage the delicate leaves and your matcha can easily spoil if left in an environment with extreme heat or temperature fluctuations.

So how do you keep your matcha fresh to ensure that your last cup tastes just as good as the first?

First, you should think of matcha as a “fresh vegetable” like spinach. It is recommended to store your matcha in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. Some matcha enthusiasts opt for refrigerating their matcha as it will maintain its freshness. However if you choose to do so, ensure that it is tightly sealed to prevent it from absorbing odors from other food stored in your fridge. Before sealing your matcha, always ensure that you have squeezed out any excess air. The container or bag where you store your matcha should be airtight and thick enough to prevent any airflow.

As a general rule, you should consume your matcha within 1-3 months after opening. Although matcha may still be consumed after this time period, it may lose its freshness.

What happens if you open your tin and it already exhibits qualities of a spoiled matcha?

Chances are, it may have oxidized or you have purchased a lower quality matcha. When purchasing matcha, always ensure you are purchasing 100% authentic Japanese green tea. A high quality matcha power should have a bright colour, fresh scent and fine texture.

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