Which Matcha Tea is Best?

Which Matcha Tea is Best?

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Which matcha tea is the best? How do you know which matcha powder to choose?

This is a question we are often asked... and the answer is always subjective - because everyone has different tastes!

Here are our recommendations for finding the right matcha powder for you.


Budget plays an important factor in deciding which matcha powder is right for you. Some choose to reserve higher-end matcha for special occasions and opt for a more economical matcha powder for daily use.  As a general rule, higher cost matcha powders will exhibit less astringency, have a smoother taste and often exhibit different characteristics, whereas lower cost powders may be more one-dimensional in terms of flavour profiles.

Taste Profile

Believe it or not, not all matcha powders are the same. Depending on the region, tea cultivar and where it is grown, matcha can exhibit different flavour profiles from bright and grassy, to rich and creamy with subtle undertones of floral, cocoa or toasted notes. Some powders can be light and silky while others offer a more powerful flavour to help wake you up!

Sampling different matcha powders can allow you to experience the different matcha flavour profiles and find which suits you.


Are you planning to cook or bake with your matcha? Blend it into smoothies or lattes? Or enjoy it on its own? For each different use case, we would recommend a different matcha powder. Matcha powder can be divided into grades such as culinary, premium or ceremonial grade.  Culinary and premium grade powders are often used for cooking, baking, smoothies and lattes whereas ceremonial grade matcha powder is best enjoyed on its own.


Always look for a quality matcha powder. Some of the key features to look for are colour, scent, taste, froth, texture, origin and ingredients! Always look for 100% pure Japanese green tea. Look for a bright green colour (never dull or brown). If you are able to sample the matcha before purchasing, a top quality powder should have a sweet, vegetal scent, be smooth between your fingers (like eyeshadow) and have a smooth, sweet taste with fine bubbles. 

To find which matcha tea powder is best for you, we always recommend trying different matcha powders so you can judge for yourself!

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