Zen Matcha Set

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Zen Matcha Set

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Sip your way to Zen with the Bonsai Cha Zen Matcha Set, perfect for daily matcha indulgences and for those seeking a mindful break from the day. This matcha tea set combines our Pure Premium Japanese Matcha, packed with anti-oxidants and calming L-theanine with our innovative Bonsai Cha Chasen. With the press of a button, transform your daily wellness routine and let Bonsai Cha be your companion towards a more healthful and balanced lifestyle.
  • premium japanese matcha

    Pure Premium Japanese Matcha

    Packed with natural anti-oxidants and calming L-theanine, is the easiest way to reach your ultimate state of Zen.

  • Bonsai Cha Chasen

    The Chasen simplifies your matcha ritual with the press of a button, crafting a perfect cup of matcha for your own matcha moment.

How to Make Matcha

  • Add water

    Add water to the line inside the Chasen.

  • Add Matcha

    Add 1 scoop of your favorite Bonsai Cha matcha.

  • Press a button

    Press the button to mix your matcha.

  • Pour and enjoy

    Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy your own matcha moment.