Bonsai Cha Matcha Double Pack (2 packs, 33g each)

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Can't decide which matcha to buy? Get the Bonsai Cha Matcha Double Pack featuring our Bonsai Cha Pure Premium Japanese Matcha and Bonsai Cha Ceremonial Grade Special Selection Japanese Matcha.

Both matcha powders are made from 100% pure green tea leaves with no fillers, sugars, and additives. High quality matcha powder sourced direct from family farmers in Kyoto, Japan and made from freshly ground first harvest green tea leaves.

Bonsai Cha matcha makes the perfect matcha latte. Plus, with 2 - 33-gram packs, you're getting double the matcha love.

Tired of the whisk and chasen?
Make your daily matcha routine easier with the Bonsai Cha Matcha Maker.

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