Bonsai Cha pure premium japanese matcha set. Make the best matcha latte.

Zen Matcha Set

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Achieve Your Own State of Zen

Elevate your matcha moment with the Zen Matcha Set, crafted for those who seek the pinnacle of matcha excellence. This thoughtfully curated set promises an exceptional and authentic matcha experience that will transcend your expectations and transport you to a state of Zen.

Sourced directly from esteemed family farmers in Kyoto, Japan, our Bonsai Cha Pure Premium Japanese Matcha is expertly crafted from freshly ground premium first harvest green tea leaves, ensuring the highest level of freshness and purity in every sip.

With natural L-Theanine and caffeine, Bonsai Cha Pure Premium Japanese Matcha matcha revitalizes you, providing a refreshing boost of clean energy to enhance your state of focus and tranquility. Enriched with antioxidants and chlorophyll, this matcha becomes the perfect choice for anyone seeking to support their overall health and wellness.

As you savor delightful notes of velvety butter and steamed greens, you'll relish in the versatility of this easy-drinking matcha, perfect for crafting an ultra-rich and creamy matcha latte or your favorite matcha beverage.

Discover pure matcha indulgence with the Zen Matcha Set, where each moment unfolds into a matcha masterpiece.

Bonsai Cha Chasen
Bonsai Cha Pure Premium Japanese Matcha (33 grams)


🍃 Matcha is ready in 90 seconds.

🍃 Matcha is heated to an optimal temperature of 65 degrees (C).

🍃 No more measuring. Simply add water to the line indicated within the Chasen.

🍃 Easy to clean. Simply wipe the Chasen with a damp cloth after use.

🍃 Hot/cold settings for hot and iced matcha beverages.

🍃 Automatic shut-off feature.

🍃 A perfectly consistent cup of matcha green tea. Every. Single. Time.

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