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Bonsai Cha Pure Premium Japanese Matcha

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Elevate your wellness with every cup of Bonsai Cha Pure Premium Japanese Matcha. Sourced direct from Kyoto, this premium matcha powder is your companion in a journey towards enhanced well-being and mindful living.

Each serving of our matcha offers a unique blend of natural energy and tranquility, with L-Theanine and caffeine working in harmony to sharpen your focus and calm your mind, providing an uplifting alternative to your regular coffee.

Our premium matcha tea nurtures your body with every sip, supporting your overall health and wellness. Its smooth, subtly rich flavor makes for an indulgent matcha latte or a rejuvenating traditional brew, ideal for those moments when you seek both comfort and vitality.

With Bonsai Cha Pure Premium Japanese Matcha, wellness isn't just a practice; it's a daily ritual. Embrace the rejuvenation and clarity with each matcha moment and let Bonsai Cha be your companion on your journey towards overall wellness.

Content Size:
33 grams – Your daily dose of wellness in every scoop.
Serving size: 1-2 grams per cup. 16-33 servings per package.

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